About Moira

Spiritual teacher

Moira Darling is a highly developed and natural intuitive from Scotland. Her presence, compassion, clarity and wisdom creates the perfect environment to achieve powerful results in quantum healing. Moira’s unique gifts and guidance has helped people worldwide transform their lives and empower them to move forward with more certainty, confidence and self-awareness; bringing to them more peace, health and well-being on all levels.

Moira  will question anything that is not energetically aligned.  Her intention is to search for truth and clarity.  She encourages people who attend her workshops to do the same.

Life mentor

A highly sought after speaker and facilitator of healing workshops, she customizes and designs workshops for a whole range of businesses and organizations.  She works with both the public sector (municipal and federal governments around the world) and the private sector (major corporations to start up businesses and anything in between). She also has experience working with Aboriginal communities around the world.

Emotional HealingHer commitment to serve, support and inspire others to achieve their highest potential has gained world-wide respect and recognition.

Moira is also available for personal individual emotional healing consults and life mentoring sessions either by telephone, face to face or skype.

Her first book “Sunshine in Neverland” is available from August 2016