Core Services

90 Minute Sessions

These powerful and educational 90 Minute Sessions are best described as a “Live Self Help” book bringing the biggest component of healing, which is connection to the forefront.

Like much of Moira’s work, in 2011, the 90 Minute Sessions of Clarity and Connection arose from an obvious need. Many of her clients were struggling with addictions. Indeed, the excellent 12 step programs available, an essential part of healing addictions, often only helped people to abstain from the substance of addiction – the essential and tangible part of recovery – healing needs more. Moira knew to be truly healed purification and connection of the inner self was necessary and this was not happening. People were still left with core behavior issues and patterns. Their old mindsets remained firmly in tact as the literalness of the programs was taken on board but the connection was missing and for some in fact void. It was from this experience that the 90 minute sessions were born.

As the 90 minute sessions continued it became apparent that these sessions were not only extremely beneficial for people struggling with addictions; but, have evolved into something wonderful and enlightening for anyone interested in developing in conscious awareness.

Each session has a different focus but they are all directed towards the same goal – self-empowerment, clarity and most importantly the essence of Moira’s work – Core Connection. The sessions begin with some music to allow participants to settle, relax and regroup.Throughout the sessions there is opportunity to ask any questions and you are encouraged but never pushed into doing so. It is a safe environment to partake, intake, and/or just be with the group. At the end of the session there is a short, guided meditation to anchor the connections made during the 90 minutes.

Moira holds these sessions weekly and you can either attend in person at various locations around the world (including her location) or you can use skype to be a part of the session.

The sessions are recorded and will be available in the not to distance future to be purchased online. Those who become yearly members can attend the sessions as part of their membership fees. At the moment the cost per session is £20.00.

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Core Transformation Healing Workshops

Registering for a Core Transformation Healing Workshop is often a Life Changing decision for many people. It is an immersion into a deep healing process and spiritual experience with the intention to release old pain trauma and mindsets on a cellular level. Once these old mindsets, trauma and pain are released, new perspectives, mental, emotional clarity and peace is created and physical health is often restored.

Moira opens the seminar by creating a safe and sacred space with music, meditation and a prayer of intention. She invokes Ancient Universal Energies to assist and work with herself and the workshop participants. Listening and reading the collective energy of the group and individuals, Moira helps the participants make core connections creating space for healing. Music is a vital component in Core Transformation Healing and is used throughout the seminars to enhance the healing vibrations and to anchor new healthier patterns.

During the many processes that are spiritually created and guided, people may feel their body temperatures changing. They may experience areas of hot or cold or tingling sensations in their body as the energies clear out pain, trauma and stagnation on a cellular level from their bodies. This deep and cleansing process allows old physical, mental and emotional patterns and pain to be released. Connections and teachings are made with consciousness and wisdom creating new, healthier patterns which bring more peace and freedom. Healing can happen on a personal, ancestral or cultural level.

In Core Transformation Healing there is no need to have a schedule of events or agenda. Moira follows the energies, reads and translates what is coming up within the group or with individuals. It is usual for an entire 6-day seminar to take place without a schedule of events. Moira has facilitated 1000’s of these seminars over the last 15 years. The seminars are all unique due to the energies coming through and resonating with the consciousness of the participants who are in attendance. Moira’s unique gift of insight and intuition, gives her a clear ability to read energies that lie beneath the surface of any participant. Working with this energy, it is then translated into a deep and powerful healing experience during these sessions.

The workshops are balanced with lots of fun and laughter. Participants often make deep connections with each other and many build lifelong friendships and relationships.

These workshops can and do change lives!

The length of a Core Transformation Healing Seminar is minimum of 3 days, however, 4, 5 and 6 days seminars are usual. As this work is a process, it is not recommended to attend and work on this level for any less than 3 days.

Prices vary according to length of time and venue – please check here for details of individual seminars.

Moira also tailors seminars for individual groups and companies with a focus on the need identified by this group or company. For these shorter group-tailored or company-tailored seminars, prices are offered on a daily, hourly or corporate rate. This pricing is available upon request.

If you would like details on how to create a seminar in your area please contact us on

Individual Core Healing Sessions

An Individual Core Healing Session with Moira is very much connected to the individual needs of the client at the time of the session. It is not a “text book process”. The sessions are both physical and metaphysical and are completely tailored to the individual person she is working with. Using her unique gift of insight and intuition along with her natural ability to tune-in, read and translate the energy vibrations of her clients, Moira creates a powerful healing experience.

Often clients are taken through different processes to assist them with reconnection to all levels of their core; that is physical, mental, emotional and spiritual re-connection. Over 10-years ago, Moira developed one particularly powerful process that has proven to help thousands of people be reconnected. This process guides the client through an experience of reconnection with all aspects of themselves and to wholeness and healing. If we go through a shock or a trauma, whether it is physical, mental or emotional we often fragment or shatter. While it may not be obvious to the individual that he/she is fragmented, (for example, a person may just not ‘feel’ right, or perhaps there is a feeling of ‘something isn’t right’ but are unable to identify its source or we maybe just feel tired or are unable to relax or settle - in fact, we may mistakenly identify something else as being the source of our angst yet even when we engage that source it doesn’t resolve and leaves us feeling empty, often frustrated and more confused and stressed.) It is when we reconnect these shattered pieces of ourselves deep healing occurs. This process will bring the individual to the true source of pain and it is then that breakthroughs begin and a space for healing is opened. Often during this process clients can feel tingling, heat or cold or other physical or emotional sensations as the healing process moves through them. This healing process has proven to heal through a re-connection time and time again for many people all over the world.

In normal circumstances healing from trauma and shock can take years and sometimes is never healed. Moira’s process accelerates healing and reconnection to wholeness at a deep and loving level. Additionally, each person has their own unique experience during this process, therefore the fear that people often have of “getting it wrong” is eliminated. Moira is often heard to say to her clients – you don’t need to get this right because there is no wrong” – this in itself takes unnecessary stress and pressure away from her clients.

Moira’s sessions are also very practical. She gives her clients tools to move forward with and to empower them coupled with and an understanding and connection to why they are feeling as they do and that there is always a way through it – always.

A core healing session with Moira can be done face to face, by skype or telephone.

An initial session will take 95 minutes. Follow up session are either 60 minutes or 30 minutes.


Initial Session - £150.00
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60 minutes - £80.00
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30 minutes - £45.00
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Individual Core Healing Sessions at Spirit of Cumbria 2015

Individual Core Healing Sessions at Spirit of Cumbria 2015 at The Rheged Center Penrith on 25th and 26th April 2015 Special rate for event 1/2 hour session - £35.00
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