Journey Beyond Ego…

This little blog unexpectedly arrived this evening while I was writing an email to a wonderful friend –  thought I’d share….enjoy or not….

The more connection there is to source the less Ego there is blocking the way. The more connection there is to source the weaker Ego becomes – this requires focused, dedicated, commitment with absolute vigilance to self awareness.  Connecting to source means paying attention as Ego attempts to creep in and take over, cleverly hiding behind the many heavily disguised forms it creates,  while we step back neutrally observing without judgement,  need to add story, take away, change or destroy.  We merely witness without opinion. Ego so loves opinion!   We are in an evolutionary stage of consciousness – Ego often thinks it knows all about consciousness connection, but connection to source is connecting to another world – an inner world where Ego does not exist…consciousness connection is not something that is learned taught or read about it is something that is experienced and it cannot truly be explained – it is something that is known without question – it is nothing and everything at the same time – it is peace beyond peace, depth beyond depth wordless, timeless, ageless, infinite, knowing without knowing , beyond mind, fearless, story-less, endless –  “for those who understand no explanation is necessary – for those who do not understand no explanation is enough”…

Connection heals…..Moira Darling

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3 Responses to Journey Beyond Ego…

  1. Kimberly January 13, 2016 at 6:30 pm #

    I would like to comment about the Journey beyond Ego and say that most people do not even recognize when it is their ego talking to them. Most people think ego means you feel superior or better than others, when in fact it can also tell you that you are less than other people.
    I like to think in terms of left brain/right brain thinking and take the word ego out of it altogether. For me I didn’t even know my right brain was in charge until one when it stopped for a few hours. I felt such peace and acceptance for myself and it was such a relaxing, but very productive place to be. Later in the night, my right brain took over again with such vengeance that I had no choice but to recognize it. It was amazing to feel and see the difference once I had a glimpse of being free of it.
    I do agree that focusing on connecting to your true self is the only answer. If you focus on getting rid of the ego, it just creates more ego. :)

    • Moira Darling January 13, 2016 at 7:30 pm #

      hey Kim thanks for your comments – yes like I said in the post ego shows up in many different ways – cleverly disguised – ego loves ANY story which keeps our thinking mind creating drama after drama in our minds – its hard place to live from – connection to source is living in a different place altogether – ego isn’t really the problem – we need ego in our lives to help us get things done – the problem is when it takes over and we can no longer reach a state of peace…

      • Kimberly January 16, 2016 at 1:10 pm #

        I just read this sentence from Adyshanti’s book “Life after Awakening” and for me it truly explains what ego is ” The ego is the mechanism our mind uses to resist life as it is.” Personally, i just wanted to avoid my reality my whole life and just wished it was different. Now i am turning towards my life and while it is not always easy, it gives me a sense of freedom, even the hard parts.
        So this sentence spoke volumes to me about the role my ego has played!
        Thanks for sharing Moira!

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