Are you going through the pain of loss?

Have you experienced a physical, mental or emotional trauma in your life?

Would you like more peace of mind?

Do you feel like there is something missing in your life?

It was during some of the darkest days of my life that a counsellor recommended that I should visit Moria Darling. I was told that she could help me through my latest trauma and help me deal with my past life traumas which were limiting my life, health and sanity. At that time in my life I was in a place and at a point that I could not bear more of life’s traumas as that’s all I had since birth and they were consuming what was left of my life. Through working with Moria I learned that I was in control of how I lived and perceived my life, I could eliminate those traumas from happening if I took control of my life and put myself first and do what makes me happy which is called being true to oneself but I had many old patterns to break first which she very gently and patiently helped walk me through.
I am so very blessed and grateful for following through on that recommendation because I have received the most wonderful gift through Moria’s teachings, compassion, kindness, love and understanding which is called living life. Today my life is filled with wonderful opportunities that I was once blind to, I deal with life by taking action and eliminating the drama, I take responsibility for my life and most importantly I have to be consciously aware of my actions and thoughts which is a daily practice or I will quickly slip back and my life is too important to go there this all came through my private visits and workshops with Moira.
Moira has been and continues to be a special unique gift that helped me turn my life around. She is one of the most extraordinary, loving, kind, compassionate healers of our time. ~ Anne Marie

I came to this workshop not knowing quite what to expect, but knowing there was more to life than what I was experiencing. What I know now for sure is that I am facing the world today stronger and more peaceful than ever. There is no way to explain the process it is the outcome that matters. I know it has changed my life! ~ Sydney

I have known Moira now for over 8 years and have had the privilege of attending several of her Core Transformational Workshops. Words cannot describe the impact this has on my life, with Moira’s assistance I was able to come to to the understanding of how all my emotions were affecting the way I was living my life. I have learned to explore and feel the emotions as they came up, finally realizing that I had repressed those feelings most of my life. I now know that I have choices, I am now learning to accept all the parts of me that I previously denied, I also understand that it was part of my belief system, by not owning my sham, judgement, anger etc. I believed it would keep me safe, it certainly kept me from being real, i spent most of my energy holding back my truth, I was only willing to show the parts of me that I really liked, imagine that! Moira’s workshop and loving care from group members created a safe environment for me to unravel. In Gratitude and Love ~ Phyllis

I’ve attended two workshops in the last six months. The amount of personal growth I’ve experienced has literally turned my life around in a way that I could never have imagined and have been fortunate to walk away with lifetime friendships in the process. Moira has a unique gift and ability to create an environment to allow that growth to happen. Thanks Moira, already looking forward to France. ~ Deborah, Aberdeen

After attending a number of workshops held by Moira in Scotland, Ireland and NS & NL, Canada, each and every one of them are different. What is the same is the amazing healing that happens at every one of them, which transforms peoples lives that is unbelievable and indescribable. It is inexpiable how powerful and profound the work that Moira does and just how humble she is. There is no doubt that Moira is doing this work with every gift, talent and ability that she has earned and been given unconditionally. It is a true honor to attend her workshops.

As for my own healing, I can not thank Moira enough for helping me get my life to where it is now. There has been a huge shift to being more present with myself from a person who spent the majority of my life wearing masks and pretending that everything was different than how I was truly feeling. I know without Moira’s support, guidance and patience I would be still blowing in the wind without any connection or focus to myself at all. I am eternally grateful for Moira and everything that she has helped me see. ~ Love Gail

Moira has been indispensable to my quality of life. After retiring 8 years ago from my 24 year military career, I left the military carrying heavy emotional baggage that was acquired through my life’s experience, through my poor patterns of behavior and perspectives. Since meeting Moira and attending her sessions and workshops she’s helped me help myself, by connecting to my self created limitations through the simple process understanding. presence of mind and breath. She’s a genuine human being that has a truly special gift to share. I am continuously thankful to Moira for my lasting peace of mind. ~ Brent, Canada

This Work will move your spirit – promise. We are all on a journey to ourselves I thank Moira for the direction. – Kim, Canada

I want to thank you so, so much for helping me “find” my path.  It truly has been a pleasure to work with you and I look forward to continuing my journey with you. – Heather, Canada

I was invited to a 4 week “Life Changes” programme with Moira Darling – I had nothing to lose – the pain in my body and mind was indescribable.  I had recently  experienced a deep loss of my very close friend who had died suddenly and unexpectedly and was overwhelmed with sadness and pain at the loss of our lives together.

o   Week 1  – I was still carrying fear, lonliness, brokenness, pain, anger, unloved, sadness, felt emotionally trapped, unhappiness and could not see anything positive in my future

o   Week 2  – I found peace, love acceptance, comfort, guidance, serenity, warmth, understanding, joy, hope, solitude, wisdom, a new life!

When I let the pain go and allowed the love to come back to me, the healing process began – Thank you Moira for your direction. – Jean, Canada

What a great weekend! I really like your style of openness, honesty, and empathy – Thanks! – Robert, Canada

A fantastic workshop from start to finish. Really wakes you up to the responsibility you have on your own life and how to big changes by taking small steps.  Thank you – Tom, Scotland

Dear Moira I just wanted to let you know how much the Core healing Weekend meant to me.  It was an incredible experience, one that I think about every day.  It was just the beginning for me!  Thank you for doing what you do. You are an angel –  Maggie, Canada

My first Core healing workshop – it will not be my last! I am 31 years old.  This weekend kick started my life. Your work is well beyond our time – society needs this. – Claudette, Canada

The love care and commitment is not anything I have seen before.  The focus goes on exactly what need to be addressed and it deals with real everyday life. – Beverly, Canada

Exceeded my expectations! – David, Canada

I learned that my life is all about me.  I have regained my power – I have regained myself.  This change process through this work is helping not only me but everyone I impact.  Thanks you for putting th “life” back in my life. – Donna, Canada

Being on the Residential Workshop in Germany turned out to be exciting, scary, wonderful, empowering, immensely healing, all rolled into one.  A solid and very powerful space to be in. I can’t praise the workshop enough. I look forward to the next one. This work has changed not only my life but the lives of my children. I would like to say a HUGE thanks you for Moira’s continued commitment to this work. – Linda, Scotland

Your workshops provide awesome insight for healing and overall growth.  Each workshop has something unique to offer.  I highly recommend them to everyone to help realize and celebrate our lives. – Elizabeth, Canada

Being fully immersed in a healing environment helped me gain distance and perspective from the health challenges I was struggling with.  I now feel healthier, freer, and happier than I have for a long time. – Karen, Scotland

Workshop was excellent – no improvement required. – Sharon, Canada

I’ve always felt great joy in being alive, but my old debilitating habits of negative self talk and self- judgement kept me swimming in survival mode.  Exhausted and fed up, with a strong desire to feel better, I was guided through the process of getting “unstuck” physically, emotionally and spiritually – for the first time in my life I feel FREE and I’m excited – thank you. – Lynn, Canada

I attended a 5 day Core healing seminar in France and another 4 day seminar in Germany the following year. Working in such a safe supported environment really allowed me to get in touch with my underlying feelings that I normally fear – has given me a strong inner confidence in my ability to deal with whatever life throws at me.  Best of all is the life skills the workshops have given me.  This process has been unstoppable for me since my first workshop 3 years ago. – Elizabeth, Scotland

It is just amazing – this work is so out of the ordinary. It has helped me change my life.  Wish there was a way to really explain it! – Edna, Canada

Before the workshop I felt total and absolute despair in my life.  I now have realistic logical tools to make the necessary changes for a much better full life – one that I deserve!  Thank you for showing me what life is about – now I know the difference. – Katherine, Canada

What a super weekend – finally I have tools to make my life and the lives of those around me better.  Thank you so very, very, much. – Tina, Canada

Fabulous workshop – I wish everyone could do it.  Best money ever spent. – Berni, Canada

I am 24 years old and until recently was suffering from sever anxiety and panic attacks which left me in a depressive state. My confidence and self esteem were at an all time low which resulted in me suffering from agoraphobia.  I was permanently terrified of future events and had lack of control over my physical and mental wellbeing. Moira allowed me to recognize that I am more than capable of doing whatever I like and there are no limits to what I want to do or where I can go!  Although I still have some work to do I can truly say that Moira has helped me to pull myself out of the worst time of my life. I would like to say a huge thank you. – Andrea, Scotland

I attended a Core healing workshop with Moira and I told her that not to put too fine a point on it – it has transformed my life!  There is no area of my life at the moment that I can’t go to, no guilt and I feel far more centred and understand things much better. – Val, Scotland

Amazing! Thank you for your patience, persistence, honesty, invitation, insight, guidance and support on this first step into my life. Hard work with real results. – Danielle, Canada

Its scary to think how long it may have taken me to reach the feelings of safety, security and wholeness that this workshop helped me reach.  I also discovered the “why” I wasn’t connected to the feelings. – Libby, NL

You’ve shown me a path and guidance that I so needed – thank you for your wisdom and patience. – Andrea St John’s, Canada

Words cannot express my thanks to you for helping me Moira It truly has been an experience that I will be forever grateful for. You have an absolute gift, and I want to say from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU for sharing it with me. – Heather, Canada

Moira within the first 5 minutes of speaking with you, I knew you could see the real me and that you would be able to help me find my way out of the pain and anger I was trapped in.  I am so grateful for your insight, love and wisdom. You have a rare and amazing gift.  I have read many books and talked to counsellors and psychologists who have given me some knowledge but not much change.  Who you are Moira, and what you bring to your workshops is so genuine.  The experiences I have had in workshops are so profound and healing, and have helped me make real changes in my life.  You have a unique and gifted way of connecting with people and have a natural way of creating safety, trust in a group setting, often with people you have never met.

If anyone wants to truly step into their own truth and power but needs some help shedding years and layers of pain, and restricting belief and patterns, your workshops Moira can be a catalyst to their healing and growing. – Tiffany, Canada

I think more than anything it was the sense of Acceptance and Love ( albeit tough love at times) that you generated Moira that made it safe for us to “let go” and that energy in turn created a sense of oneness within the group.  What a wonderful fabulous spirit filled weekend filled with joy laughter, holding hands, dancing encouragement and reassuring words to continue moving forward. – Doris, Canada

I enjoyed your workshop yesterday very much. – Agnes, Canada


You helped me open my mind and heart.  You also helped me to have compassion for my family and friends.  You are helping me become a better person.  Thank You – Carmelita, Canada

This work is almost beyond description.  I can only say that with Moira’s help of making emotional connection I have healed not only on a spiritual level but also had a big physical healing. –  Tiffany, Canada

Core Transformational healing Workshop is waking up to your life.  It is what you need to do when nothing else works, when you are stuck, when you are lost, when you are disconnected to yourself, love and life.  What are you waiting for? –  Jill, Canada

The Core Transformational Healing Weekend helped to bring clarity to some of my patterns that have been limiting me for years! –  Susan, Canada