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In the last 20 years I have been facilitating and mentoring to individuals, to groups, and reading and translating energy. I have had the privilege of witnessing many thousands of people breakthrough old limiting beliefs and fears that have held them back from fulfilling their true potential, or have kept them stuck going around in the same old cycles.

Lots of us are living our lives with different levels of anxiety, stress, worry and fear. The work I do helps us begin to operate our lives from acceptance, love, respect and strength.

I currently live in Scotland, but travel extensively for retreats, seminars and talks.

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The work I do is focussed on consciousness, self-awareness,
self-love and kindness, building confidence, self-trust and self-belief.


One-On-One sessions
& Energy Readings

Start Strong - Stay Strong
six-week online course


New Book Coming Soon!

“Learning to love your-self has long been discussed and explored by many, but although there is now a plethora of information available to navigate for those awake to its importance in reality, is understood by relatively few, and applied by even less. 

The purpose of this book is to break down conceptual understandings that society has of self-love. It offers both an easy to follow step-by-step map that paves the way towards unconditional deep love and acceptance of everything that you are as a unique individual and guidance to living a life of loving-kindness. After all your life is yours to take care of and create. Your individual inner journey is all about you, healing your old pain is your responsibility, and no-one else’s. This being the case, it makes super sense to practice the vital art of how to listen and love yourself.” 

Moira Darling

"You are the why, the reason, the connection and source - the beginning, the middle, and the end - the past, the present, the future of all love."
- Moira Darling

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