Hi, I'm Moira Darling

Hi, I'm Moira Darling

Do you often feel stressed and worried?

Do you frequently feel stressed and under pressure in your day to day life?

Is it normal for you to worry about almost everything?

Has your heart been broken?

Have you read lots of self-help books, explored meditation and mindfulness, but you still feel overwhelmed and consumed with anxiety?

Hi, thank you for visiting my website.  

If you are here for more Self-care, self-awareness and self-love, critical to maintaining emotional-mental and physical wellbeing then this website may help. It focusses on self-awareness, spiritual connection and self-love and trust. Of course the most important person you must learn to love is yourself and your every-day-life is filled with experiences and is the opportunity to bring wholeness, connection and deep peace to your life.

Do you want to focus on building self-trust through strengthening your inner-connection?

Are you in a peaceful flow of life, creating abundance and joy or Is worry, stress and anxiety your normal?

Do you fearlessly love with non-attachment and a strong inner-connection or do you struggle with co-dependency in your relationships and want to break this cycle? 

Are you searching for something and stepped on your spiritual path and want support with your inner-healing journey?

Do you trust the energies around you and that guide your way?  

Ask about The Cornerstones of Self-love Map Moira developed that can be applied to any situation to maintain and sustain loving-kindness, compassion and empathy where it matters most –  in  your everyday life. 

 “Self-care, self-awareness and self-love, is critical to maintaining emotional-mental and physical wellbeing”.

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The work I do is focussed on consciousness, self-awareness,
self-love and kindness, building confidence, self-trust and self-belief.


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Start Strong - Stay Strong
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New Book Coming Soon!

“Learning to love your-self has long been discussed and explored by many, but although there is now a plethora of information available to navigate for those awake to its importance in reality, is understood by relatively few, and applied by even less. 

The purpose of this book is to break down conceptual understandings that society has of self-love. It offers both an easy to follow step-by-step map that paves the way towards unconditional deep love and acceptance of everything that you are as a unique individual and guidance to living a life of loving-kindness. After all your life is yours to take care of and create. Your individual inner journey is all about you, healing your old pain is your responsibility, and no-one else’s. This being the case, it makes super sense to practice the vital art of how to listen and love yourself.” 

Moira Darling

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What People Say...

Recently I met a friend whom I had not seen for years, she was so taken aback and astonished at the difference in me. Previously she had known me as an individual who was physically disabled, stressed out, emotionally unstable and trying to survive, playing and being a victim of my own circumstances. I shared with her about the work I have been doing for a number of years with Moira Darling, who facilitates individual sessions, retreat workshops and an online community called Start Strong Stay Strong. This work has transformed my entire life, the continuity of love and support given unconditionally enabled me to move through a very dark place of suffering into a healthier, more peaceful and meaningful life, for which I am deeply grateful for. My own experience continues with this work, and if you are suffering on any level please know there is always a way through it.
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Denise Ballantyne
Reiki Teacher and Artist, Scotland
5 years ago, I was stuck in an unhealthy situation and very attached to a lot of drama, and stories, about what I thought was yet another relationship gone bad. I reached out to Moira, and learned that it wasn’t this unhealthy situation that was the problem. Moira said: “We believe what we want to believe if it fits with our desires” and that was me - I believed I wasn’t enough, I wasn’t worth it, I didn’t deserve to be loved by anyone else, including myself. The light when on, and my life changed forever. There seems to be one single, common issue that is at the very root of all our issues . It's LOVE, and particularly SELF LOVE. It is the ROOT of everything else, and finding it within ourselves is the answer. Moira helped me uncover this truth. I have learned in the work to love and honour myself that there is no quick fix. Knowing is not enough. But without knowing, we cannot begin this journey. I have met and have become close to the most wonderful people since I have started this work. From someone who never trusted , who always minimized and made herself invisible, who was afraid of being rejected, I now feel safe and supported. This has helped me in ways I could never imagine. Coming together with like-minded people has been very important for me - Not just because we’re all on the journey – even though we are - but because we share a common destination – a peaceful, safe, liberating, happy place…… and we can and will get there. Moira has been the conductor on this journey. And because of her work, there have been many drivers along the way, and that has made the difference. It has made is so okay for me to accept who I am, where I have come from, and what I need to do to honour myself, and love myself and then others…not from a place of need, or fear, or pain, or power, but from a place of connection, strength, wisdom and peace. For that, I remain eternally grateful for Moira.
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Mary Shortall
Labour Representative, St. John's NL
Moira's deeply caring and honest methods support healing and change in a sustainable way. Moira has helped me through difficult times in my life, and has supported and encouraged me towards my goals and some of the best. Having her support and guidance has been invaluable. I recommend her to anyone who is looking for a holistic, long term approach to personal development.

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Nadia Shalaby
Yoga Teacher and Computer Engineering Student, St. John's NL
It sounds trite - but words really do fail me. If you are out there looking for answers - you would have to come away from this retreat enriched.
Keith Noble
Retired Doctor
We are all on our own journey of growth and personal development - we could not do it without your guidance, your love and your willingness to share your soul with us. Thank you! Sending you much love.
Dave & Family
Thanks for your help. I feel stronger and trust my own wisdom more than I ever have in my whole life. If anyone wants to truly step not their own truth and power but needs some help shedding the years and layers of pain, restricting beliefs and patterns, your workshops can be a catalyst to their healing and growing.
Tiffany Crane
Government of Canada
Words cannot express my thanks to you for helping me get to know myself again Moira. It truly has been an experience that I will be forever grateful for. You have an absolute gift and I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing it with me.
Social Worker
Moira thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for giving me the courage and strength to help me along my healing journey. I really don’t think I could have done it without your guidance and strength. Thank you!

"You are the why, the reason, the connection and source - the beginning, the middle, and the end - the past, the present, the future of all love."
- Moira Darling

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