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Sunshine in Neverland

Self Love, empowerment and clarity is all that is needed to overcome challenges in our lives, Sunshine in Neverland is a transformational life journey to awaken, empower and inspire.

Do you sometimes feel that there is something missing in your life even though you seem to have everything? Or sometimes feel anxiety and that you are going around in circles, looking for an answer when even the question isn’t clear to you? Do wonder what life is all about and why things are not going well for you? 

This book offers guidance from a real life story which like everyone own life story has it ups and downs -Sunshine in Neverland shares insight, wisdom and clear perspectives that can move you from feeling stressed, hopeless and helpless from the challenges of life, into strength, empowerment, clarity and self love. 

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  • This book may be just what you are looking for, a real life story of ups and downs and how to build emotional strength and grow spiritually from all that life throws at you.


  • Moira Darling has been there, done that, and worn the teeshirt! Her transformation to a place of self-love and healing eventually began, bringing with it her genuine gift of intuition, compassion and kindness to help others find their own answers.

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  • A Transformational life journey to awaken, empower, and inspire. Get it in an easy to read e-book version, readable on any device!

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New Book Coming Soon!

Why is it crucial that you understand how vital it is to bring love to yourself first, before you truly have the ability to share it with others? 

Because you cannot truly give what you do not have. 

Author spotlight

Scottish born Moira Darling has been a teacher of consciousness since her own transformational awakening almost 20 years ago. 

Her unique down-to-earth approach combined with a natural intuitive gift to read, translate and clarify energy has healed and empowered the lives of  thousands of people world wide.

Moira lives in Scotland at the moment but travels extensively to her retreats and seminars.  Sunshine in Neverland is Moira’s first book and is the story of her own transformational process that anyone who reads cannot fail to identify and learn from. Moira is currently working on her second book which will be published later this year.

Moira Darling

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