Lots of us are searching and feeling somehow that we are lost. What if we were to pause for a moment and abandon our perpetual searching, seeking and following? Would our pause help us to see and come to realize, that what we are looking for is within us the whole time, and that there is actually nothing to find outside of ourselves? 

What if we simply concentrated on listening to, and learned how to truly love ourselves and the connection to self-love is the answer we have been searching for…

And all that we require?

Moira darling


Moira Darling One on One Mentoring

one-on-one mentoring
Energy Readings

Moira has over 20 years of experience, she listens objectively and carefully to the whole picture then guides you towards finding your own peaceful solutions. The one on one sessions give clarity and direction on many levels to allow you to find solutions that land peacefully in your heart and mind.  Moira is a stress and wellness counsellor, cranio sacral therapist, reiki master, empath and intuitive healer.    

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Self Love Retreats


Mastering Self-Love retreats are designed to support, nurture and build self-love in our everyday lives while continuing our love and compassion for our loved ones. It is designed to create and maintain a healthy balanced perspective for our lives and to assist in navigating the subtle ways we can ambush and sabotage self-love in our lives.

Moira Darlings Online Courses

online courses:

• solid foundation package

• Start strong
stay strong

These successful courses offer both individual guidance and support with Moira as well as regular group calls with other like-minded people to build and reinforce inner strength and confidence.

One-On-One Mentoring
Energy Readings

We all have our blind spots and the ability to see our habits, tendencies, and behaviours can become clouded, especially when in the middle of a deeply emotional or painful situation. At these times, when challenging circumstances leave you unable to see the woods for the trees, maybe it’s an emotional upheaval, a mental or physical crisis, a sudden shock or trauma, or, possibly grief from bereavement and loss that you can’t seem to heal. Perhaps you are in a dilemma and have decisions to make but can’t get the clarity you want to feel safe enough to move forward, or you are struggling with a relationship.

Moira has over 20 years experience of dealing with such issues. She listens objectively and carefully to the whole picture then guides you towards peacefully resolving your situation. The one on one sessions offers you clarity and direction on many levels, especially within your heart and mind.  Moira is a stress and wellness counselor, craniosacral therapist reiki master, psychic and intuitive healer.

Available in person or online via video call.

Mastering Self-Love

With the pace of life in the world today becoming faster and busier than ever before, more and more people are reporting that they feel stressed, anxious, and overwhelmed. This fragmentation has resulted in numerous millions of the population of the world questioning their priorities, resulting in an ever-increasing movement towards self-love and self-awareness. This is now accepted by many, to be critical in maintaining emotional-mental wellbeing and physical health and, in addition, the practice of self-love and self-care is viewed as fundamental in building and strengthening your individual spiritual connection.

Online Courses:

Start Strong - Stay Strong Package
Solid Foundation

Start Strong – Stay Strong is a 6-week online course that includes regular community calls. 

The Solid Foundation Package is an online course that includes 4 bi-weekly calls that includes regular community calls.

Participants decide what they intend to focus on for their course. Each one hour call with Moira helps gain strength, clarity, and guidance. The regular community calls builds confidence and solidifies your transformation.

The combination of a sharing and caring community – all with people on their own individual journey of growth, self-awareness, and consciousness, offers strength, encouragement, and accountability for all participants to move through their life challenges with more clarity and peace as well as less pressure, stress and anxiety.

Price for the 6 week Start Strong - Stay Strong course is £295.00

This includes x6 one-Hour consults and x3 community group calls.

Price for the Solid Foundation package is £270.00

This includes x4 individual bi-weekly calls and x3 community group calls.

*Non-members may join the community calls at a cost of £25.00.*

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