4 Session


Thank you for your interest in our online Mini Retreat. 

The intention for these 4 sessions is to reduce stress and anxiety. Focussing instead on building a solid foundation of inner peace while you strengthen and increase trust in our inner voice.

The first weekly session begins on Saturday May 2nd. 

Meeting at 130 – 430 pm GMT each week via Zoom.

The cost per day is £50 or £190 for all 4 days.

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Moira Darling


Thank you so much for offering these online workshops throughout May, Moira. I have found them so powerful, healing and gentle, and, to my surprise and delight, as effective as in-person workshops. The insights I have gained and peace I have felt are incredibly soothing to me, especially in the middle of so much uncertainty. Your love, honesty and guidance are a rare and precious gift, and I am so grateful for the work that you do. Tiffany xx
Tiffany Crane
Government of Canada
Ottawa, ON

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Adventure on the Sea 27
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A Day of Connection

The intention of this workshop is to strengthen your inner connection in order to identify and feel the difference between mind chatter and soul wisdom.
Without a solid connection, inner trust is challenged.

A Day of Heart Opening

The intention of this workshop is to take the pressure off, to accept and love all that you are, create a peaceful mind, and reduce stress and anxiety.

Adventure on the Sea 26
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A Day of Healing

Reduce whatever pain, habit, or tendency is causing you mental, emotional or physical dis-ease on your system. Supporting a clearer connection and more ease and peace.

A Day of Strength

Focussing on strengthening self-love, acceptance and inner trust.