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Emotional Mastery

Mastering your Emotions

Emotional mastery is one of the most empowering skills to develop – without this ability you can feel lost, overwhelmed, stuck, anxious, disconnected even numb. Our emotions are an important part of our humanness but many of us avoid, block or lose control of our emotions causing unnecessary stress. We often don’t like how we feel and can harshly judge ourselves as a result.

What if you became comfortable with ALL your emotions allowing you to transform and redirect the emotional energy into supporting, guiding and empowering your life?

This online workshop held every Friday evening in October may help you to deepen trust yourself and gain more control of your feelings and your life.

Via Zoom
Dates 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th October
7.30pm – 9.30pm GMT

Cost £45 per session
Register for all 5 and save 20%

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If you are interested in joining us on the workshop email me at

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Acceptance of Peace

Acceptance of Peace

Acceptance of what “is” doesn’t always come easy because often don’t like what is happening in our lives. but. if we can’t change it in the moment and become accepting of the situation, we can be more peaceful while we’re going through it. 

Connecting & Accepting Our Humaness

In this short meditation session I will enlighten you and show you that humans can finally understand that there is nothing that is bad and ugly, in themselves, or in their lives. There are areas in our being that we need to explore fully and embrace in order to bring balance and security into our lives. Sometimes I feel really peaceful, sometimes I feel really confused, sometimes I feel really happy, and sometimes I feel really sad, sometimes I feel really solid and clear, sometimes I feel really scattered, all over the place, sometimes I feel really very beautiful, and sometimes I feel really ugly, sometimes I feel really smart and intelligent, sometimes I feel really stupid, sometimes I feel full of peace and love, sometimes I feel judgemental and angry, sometimes I feel really safe, and sometimes I feel really scared and worried, sometimes I feel really excited, and sometimes I feel really bored and tired… The fact is, it’s all me!

Meditation for Forgiveness

Forgiveness of your self is the kindest most loving decision you can make.