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Emotional Mastery ~ Online Workshop in October

Mastering Your Emotions

Emotional mastery is one of the most empowering skills to develop – without this ability you can feel lost, overwhelmed, stuck, anxious, disconnected even numb. Our emotions are an important part of our humanness but many of us avoid, block or lose control of our emotions causing unnecessary stress. We often don’t like how we feel and can harshly judge ourselves as a result.

What if you became comfortable with ALL your emotions allowing you to transform and redirect the emotional energy into supporting, guiding and empowering your life?

This online workshop held every Friday evening in October may help you to deepen trust yourself and gain more control of your feelings and your life.

Email me; or click the button below for full details.

Guided Meditation to
Connect and Accept our Humanity

Day of Connection

Connection, and strengthening the inner connection you have, without a connection its very difficult to generate self-love and self-trust and self-acceptance, and without a connection, you are going to attach on the outside to anything and you are going to have the ability with a deeper connection to have less anxiety more inner peace feeling a lot safer and without that the need to know what is going to happen next the need to live in the future you need to project into the future and go back into the past mentally and emotionally and cause yourself a lot of stress and anxiety that kind of gets reduce the deeper your connection is.

Strengthen Your Connection ~ Podcast

“Deep within the soul of each individual, treasures of wisdom reside patiently waiting to be discovered, connected with and set free. All of us, whoever we are, have the ability to reach a place of deep inner peace, truth, and love. As each one of us courageously embarks on our own inner journey, re-evaluating our priorities and simplifying our lives, we come to appreciate what is most meaningful to us.

This allows us to transform our fears, old limitations, conditioned beliefs and mindsets. and opens the secret door to realize our true-life purpose. It brings us to understand and accept the deeper meaning of true compassion, and self-love.”

~ Moira Darling

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